PEOPLE have taken advantage of more permissive lockdown rules as they visited the beach for a spot of sunbathing.

The updated orders, which came into effect on Wednesday, allow people to lie on beaches, in parks and in public places - so long as they are at least two metres away from others not from their household.

Some people took the opportunity to finally take advantage of the warm weather, which has seemed to tease Brighton and Hove residents throughout much of the seven-week lockdown, and made a bee-line for the beach.

The Argus:

As a result, the promenade was busier than it has been in recent weeks, but visitors largely appeared to be adhering to the Government's latest advice on social distancing.

The updated rules also allow people to drive to beauty spots for exercise and recreation - a change which led many to fear an influx of visitors to Brighton and Hove as people from elsewhere in the country crave a "breath of sea air".

As a result, Brighton Pavilion MP has urged people from outside of the city to stay away this weekend.

The Argus:

The former Green party leader said: "Right now it’s not a good idea to come to Brighton.

"At the moment shops are closed and we cannot cope with loads of people coming to visit the city.

"Businesses aren’t ready and they’re not allowed to be ready. Bars and restaurants are closed so people will congregate on the beach.”

She continued: "Not only has the Government downgraded ‘stay at home’ to ‘stay alert’ but it’s also saying people should stay two metres apart ‘where possible’.

The Argus:

"It might not be possible on the beach. This is an extra piece of work for the police to do but it’s the Government which has created the problem."

Hove MP Peter Kyle also urged daytrippers to avoid the city and stay local.

"I understand the temptation to come here on a sunny weekend," he said.

"But if you love Brighton please give us the space we need to care for ourselves in this difficult time. Stay local, enjoy your parks and outdoor spaces.

The Argus:

"Please give Brighton the chance to get through this without the anxiety that hordes of visitors would create for us.

"If we’re all considerate of each other and act responsibly then soon we’ll be able to welcome you back."


Several changes to England's lockdown rules were put in place on Wednesday.

Here is a brief glance of what people in England now can and can’t do.

The Argus:

Exercise and sport:

You can exercise more than once a day with one person who is not from your household, as long as social distancing requirements are met.

Golf courses, outdoor tennis and basketball courts can be used and people can also swim in lakes and the sea.

However, gathering with more than one member of another household is still forbidden.

Also still banned are swimming in a public pool, using a playground or outdoor gym, and exercising in indoor leisure centres or facilities.

The Argus:


Driving to outdoor open spaces with members of the same household is allowed as well as travelling to beaches or beauty sports in England.

Similarly, travelling to the countryside is also permitted.

Regulations against going on holiday or staying overnight at a holiday home or second home still apply.

People who live in England have been warned against travelling to Scotland and Wales, who are still enforcing stricter lockdown measures.


Going for a picnic, sunbathing and relaxing in a public place is now allowed, while people can also go fishing on their own or with one other person while adhering to social distancing rules.

People are not allowed to visit the homes of friends and family – unless it is for care and medical reasons, or to take a child to another household with whom parental responsibilities are shared.

Visiting a private or ticketed attraction is also not permitted.

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