A PRIVATE school has funded books and supplies to help primary pupils with home-learning during the coronavirus crisis.

Roedean School in Brighton has invested £2,000 in purchasing core texts for every child at nearby primary St Marks CE school in Manor Road, Whitehawk.

Children received packs of reading books, exercise books, pens and other stationery to help them with their learning at home during the lockdown.

The primary school’s 2020 reception pupils will also receive education packs funded by the independent girls’ school later this year.

Headteacher at St Marks Jane Fendley said: “We have always been proud of our partnership with Roedean.

“We have been working hard to ensure that all of our families can access home learning, even without technology.

“With the help of Roedean, we have worked together to create physical packs of stationery and books to be given to every St Mark’s child.

“Roedean built us a beautiful library last year, and their girls have been coming over weekly to read with our children, so it seemed natural that a project around reading would be ideal.

“They will also be printing booklets designed by our teachers to accompany the reading books.

“We really hope that this project will continue to instil the love of reading that the Roedean and St Mark’s partnership strives to promote.”

The two schools in east Brighton know each other well, as Year 12 pupils at Roedean have organised projects at St Marks including regular football coaching, creative writing sessions, maths classes, reading and language buddy initiatives, a junior choir and arts projects.

Roedean also hosts St Marks pupils at its campus for swimming lessons and visits to its farm.

The school wanted to make a big difference to St Marks and fundraised to build a £25,000 library at the Whitehawk primary, which was opened on World Book Day last year.

The Secret Garden library was also stocked with books chosen by Roedean pupils and parents, who were asked to select titles they enjoyed as children.

Headteacher at Roedean Oliver Blond said: “We should not allow, as far as possible, any child to fall behind simply because they don’t have the right tools at home for learning.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with St Marks pupils for some years now.

“It’s been wonderful to be involved with their children and help support the teachers to nurture that love for reading.”