A THUG who slashed a bouncer with a machete will have his court sentence reviewed over claims it is “unduly lenient”.

Ashkan Zahedian saw red when he became embroiled in a brawl outside the Mixologist in Hove.

The 29-year-old owner of the Shandiz Persian restaurant admitted going to his car and returning to the scene brandishing a machete.

He was given a three-year prison sentence, with the judge saying his sentence was cut because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Argus:

But now the Attorney General has been asked to review whether Zahedian’s prison term should be longer and should be referred to top judges in the Court of Appeal.

Earlier this month a court heard how Iranian refugee Zahedian waded in on behalf of his “belligerent” friend Maz Samandi who had removed his shirt in a row outside the bar in Church Road.

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In the chaos Zahedian felt he had been struck in the back of the head by security guard Danny Chapman and “snapped”, the court heard.

Despite being led away, he went to his car parked nearby and brandished a machete, returning to slash Mr Chapman in the leg.

“There were four separate pieces of violence. Kicking Mr Chapman while on the floor, two uses of the machete and a punch after the incident had been broken up.”

Following the incident, Mixologist premises owner Afshin Kianifard was stripped of his licence by council chiefs.

They cited problems with disorder at the venue.

The Argus:

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After admitting wounding and possessing an offensive weapon in public, Zahedian was jailed for a total of three years.

Judge David Rennie cut one third off the sentence for a guilty plea. He was told about Zahedian’s good character references including from Hove MP Peter Kyle.

The Argus:

But Daniel Benjamin, prosecuting, said the usual time to imprison thugs committing similar crimes was between five and nine years, and suggested a sentence of five years and four months.

“Is it correct that two years and four months are taken off for the current prison conditions?” He asked.

Judge Rennie replied: “Yes... And his many character references and lack of previous convictions brings it down to that figure. I cannot put an exact figure on the conditions in prison and how much that reduces the sentence.

The Argus:

“But when I put all those things together, alongside the one third reduction for a guilty plea, that gives you the final sentence.”

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While sentencing Zahedian, of Davigdor Road, Hove, the judge told him: “The behaviour of any other person in no way justifies what you chose to do. It was a choice to get that weapon from your car, you escalated things and lost control. You caused a nasty injury.

"Whatever your intention was, you caused him serious bodily harm. I believe you are ashamed, shocked and remorseful."