A MAN drinking beers in the sun has said the lockdown measures need to be stricter. 

Appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain, the Brighton beachgoer enjoying a San Miguel proclaimed: "I think we should be more stricter like Spain and none of us be allowed out."

The comment came during several vox-pops conducted on the seafront questioning whether social distancing was still possible at the seaside during the heatwave. 

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The GMB reporter was interviewing people near The Arch nightclub after The Argus reported that it was selling beers for two for £5 during the weekend. 

He said: "There's real confusion about the rules and the guidelines that we should be following depending on which part of the county you're actually in. Take a look."

One woman, sitting near the club, which is between the two piers, said: "When it's family, it's a little bit different when it comes to six people, cause we are all family and we are all in each other's homes."

Another woman, sitting on the beach, said: "It's the hottest day of the year, everyone's going to come to the beach, especially when you've got places serving a beer."

The Argus:

Other people interviewed claimed social distancing was no longer possible on the seafront. 

One said: "If you're walking along this pathway along the seafront, there's no way that you can social distance by two metres."

Another said: "It's not been great and a lot of people seem to be ignoring it. We are doing our best, we're local and there's a lot of day-trippers down here today." 

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The report came after Brighton and Hove City Council has insisted visitors must stay away as Boris Johnson unveiled his "conditional plan" to reopen society.

People should return to work if they can and driving to destinations to take "unlimited" exercise will now be allowed.

However, council leader Nancy Platts has reiterated that visitors must stay away from the city to ensure the safety of its residents.

Cllr Platts said: "My primary concern is to keep people who live in our city safe."

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