BRIGHTON has been left off the list of places where McDonald's is reopening.

The company is beginning to fire up Drive-Thru and delivery services after shutting its restaurants in March amid the coronavirus crisis.

This morning, McDonald's announced it intends to open all Drive-Thru outlets across the UK and Ireland by early June.

But fans of the fast food restaurant were crestfallen when Brighton failed to make the list of the latest 39 ‘pilot’ restaurants.

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The city did not make the cut in the initial wave of 15 pilot restaurants either. Drive thru centres are now open from Bourges Boulevard in Peterborough to Beechings Way in Kent – but not Brighton.

The restaurant has several branches in the city, including in Western Road, London Road, Churchill Square shopping centre and the Marina.

Since the company closed its doors, would-be diners have taken to Twitter to voice their discontent. One said: “All I’m craving is a Big Mac. Please open a McDonalds in Brighton”.

After today’s announcement, one said: “You do know that there are people living beyond the M25 don’t you Ronald?”

McDonalds said the decision to reopen certain branches was based on proximity to a distribution centre.

It said the Drive Thru pilot restaurants were “chosen as they are close to one of our distribution centres as we continue to prepare our supply chain for reopening”.

In its announcement, the restaurant said: "Today we are reopening 39 drive-thru lanes at restaurants across the South East of England and in Dublin as we continue to test our plans for reopening."

"Our teams are still adjusting to the new procedures we've introduced to enable safe working and social distancing, so things might take a little longer.

"We expect a high demand across all locations. We are working closely with local authorities and we may determine that it is necessary to close our drive-thru lanes if queues cause disruption or put our employees or customers at risk.”