FIREFIGHTERS and residents have written hundreds of angry emails to a fire chief, calling for the end of planned cuts.

East Sussex Fire Authority has proposed to cut ten fire engines, at least 30 full-time firefighters, and 60 on-call firefighters from the force.

This includes converting The Ridge fire station in Hastings into a part-time station which will not be staffed during the night.

Now firefighters in every East Sussex station as well as more than 1,200 residents have emailed fire authority chief Councillor Roy Galley demanding an end to the cuts.

“We warned the fire authority that these cuts were dangerous and now our community is crying out with one voice – these cuts will cost lives and must not go ahead,” said firefighter and Fire Brigade Union officer Eliot Parry.

The Argus: Cuts are planned for East Sussex Fire and Rescue ServiceCuts are planned for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

“Across East Sussex and the country, we are all trying to pull together to get through this crisis, but the fire authority is exploiting the pandemic as a distraction to push through seriously damaging cuts to our fire service.

“To all East Sussex residents, as your firefighters, we are always here when you need us, including during this pandemic. But now we need your help.”

Newhaven fire station would be downgraded to a single-engine fire station.

Union general secretary Matt Wrack said unions across the country “stand with East Sussex”.

““It’s heartening to see so many residents speak out against these savage cuts,” he said.