TWO intrepid siblings who have scaled some of the world’s most challenging treks are recreating a mountain climb on a hill near their home.

Nicolas and Ashleen Mandrick have already climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice and the pair embarked upon the trek to Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas in December last year.

Ashleen, who has just turned seven, is the youngest girl in the world to reach the 5895m Kilimanjaro summit and the youngest Briton to reach Everest Base Camp.

The mountaineering-loving pair from Lancing were set to climb the highest mountain in Europe this summer – Mount Elbrus in southern Russia.

But due to the coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions, the siblings have decided to do a “virtual” trek instead and will recreate a 53km round trip up Mount Kilimanjaro which they did last October.

They will be walking the daily required distance on a little hill in front of their house on Lancing Beach Green for six days and will even be camping in their garden and carrying backpacks as they did on the original trek.

Nicolas and Ashleen’s mother Victoria said: “They are trying to recreate our second Kilimanjaro climb which we did via the Umbwe Route, which is the hardest and steepest trail on Kilimanjaro.

“Obviously their virtual climb will be easier than our original trek as there are no slippery rocks here to climb and they don’t need to acclimatise.

“When Nicholas first mentioned it I didn’t take it too seriously, but they went out with a measuring tape and calculated they will have to climb up and down the hill almost 3,000 times.

“They both love mountaineering so much and Ashleen’s dream is to complete the Seven Volcanic Summit challenge one day.”

Nicolas and Ashleen are doing the climb to raise money for Refuge, a national charity for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Victoria said: “As there have been a number of stories in the news about domestic violence cases rising in lockdown, they were both curious about this.

“I’m a doctor and I used to work with children experiencing violence and abuse in their homes, so the topic is close to my heart.

“After I explained about it to them in an age appropriate way, they were very upset there are some people who don’t feel safe at home.”

Victoria said Nicolas, 12, wrote a letter to the Refuge charity about raising money for it of his own accord. She is very proud of the pair for organising a crowdfunding campaign, with Nicolas even making a video to go with it.

She said: “They really have done everything on their own.

“I’m very happy that they’re thinking about other people and are taking an interest in what’s going on.

“They are both really excited and hope the money raised will help people in need.”

Ashleen and Nicolas have already raised more than £300.

To donate to their campaign, go to