BIRDS of a feather flock together as the proverb goes and they have been serving up plenty of opportunities for our keen photographers to capture them in action.

These turnstones on Worthing Pier looked a bit camera shy when David Ashdown was snapping.

Claire Andrews captioned her Camera Club entry “those babies are hard work” as she zoomed in on a feeding session to shut up a noisy youngster.

Janet Levett’s bird bath was a scene of activity as starlings spruced themselves up with a dip as the temperatures soared in the week.

Coronavirus lockdown has not stopped our Argus Camera Club members from taking some fantastic pictures across Sussex with many taking advantage of the eased restrictions to get out and about in our beautiful countryside and to the coast.

One of the dew ponds at Ditchling Beacon was framed by Janet Reilly with the clouds looking ominous.

But Marlene Matthews’ early morning venture was rewarded with a tranquil scene.

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