A CONTROVERSIAL vegan activist group has deleted its Facebook account.

The Brighton chapter of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) was using the social media account to promote animal rights and organise protests across the city.

Its protests included demonstrations at independent shops such as Hisbe in York Place, supermarkets such as Tesco and farms in the county.


In November, police ejected activists from McDonald’s in London Road during a demonstration.

In January, the group accused Hoads Farm, near Hastings, of animal neglect.

But a spokesman for Hoads Farm said the RSPCA has carried out an inspection which reported its hens were in “good health and with good feather cover”.

DxE was contacted for comment.

The group was started in Berkley, America, in 2013.

It has a 40-year plan to “force animal eaters to hide in remote refuges”.

A document titled “The Forty-Year Roadmap to Animal Liberation” includes proposals for a Bill of Rights for all animals and a legal system to prosecute “animal eaters”.