UNIFORMED wardens have been sent to restrict the number of people attending the beach.

Brighton and Hove City Council was concerned about social distancing at the seafront after large numbers of visitors were seen this week.

Some businesses along the seafront have opened takeaway services for food, drinks, and alcohol.

But despite Government advice saying people can travel to spots like Brighton, the council has stepped in to restrict numbers going to the busiest stretch of the beach from today.

Those on patrol are out to make sure that social distancing can be enforced.

The Argus:

They are monitoring the beach between East Street and West Street in Brighton, a popular spot for tourists.

This week The Argus reported on how one man quaffing a beer on the beach said that tougher lockdown measures were needed.

The city council said: “There is no doubt that part of the attraction for people to visit the seafront and beach is due to many premises now offering take away food, soft drinks and alcohol, especially those on the lower promenade at King’s Road Arches.

“This is exacerbating the issues of crowding and groups gathering, in direct contravention of the legislation and Government’s guidelines on physical distancing. 

The Argus:

“This is also intensifying public nuisance, urination and littering issues.

“With this in mind, we’re taking action to address the problems we’re seeing.”

A poll of Argus readers found 85 per cent agreed with the council’s approach.

There will be stewards stationed at entry and exit points from midday to 9pm every day including bank holiday Monday. 

The council said: “We also need to remind people that there are fewer toilets for them to use as Government guidelines only permit businesses to operate on a takeaway basis – and this does not include accessing seating or toilet facilities. 

“We are opening public toilets where possible but capacity is limited and these are likely to become over-used and over-run if people continue to flock to our beaches.“