I HAVE really enjoyed Madeira Drive being closed to vehicles over the lockdown period.

It has become a spacious and peaceful place to exercise with clean air that I have never known before in the city.

Everyone I meet has appreciated the opportunity it has given them to help get through the lockdown.

Its extraordinary how it took something like the coronavirus for people to realise how amazing, clean and healthy parts of our city could become.

I, for one, do not want to go back to the level of traffic and air pollution we previously had.

I know Brighton and Hove City Council is considering more cycling areas.

Could Madeira Drive not be included in this with limited vehicle access to traders working there and with an emphasis towards establishing it as a clean and greener destination?

I believe this would be a low cost, straightforward opportunity to help rejuvenate an important part of our seafront.

Paul Smith Sudeley Place Brighton