SO NOW we learn that the state owns our bodies and proposes to introduce legislation to enable the distribution of our organs as seen fit.

While recognising that the practice of allowing anyone to sign the organ donor register – or indeed donate their body – is praiseworthy, I have serious reservations concerning proposals to force me to surrender my right to make such decisions to the state.

How long before abuses occur, or legislation is extended to satisfy other demands?

We are all aware, or should be aware, of Nazi abuses in relation to human experimentation during the Second World War.

“Human subject research” already exists in various fields to advance medical knowledge, which benefits all of us, but decisions to donate our bodies presently remain with us and are protected by our Human Rights.

In my view, politicians, whose lack of knowledge regarding medical issues has been exposed during their handling of Covid-19, should not be making decisions of this nature.

Our bodies are owned by us and we are responsible for our bodies until the time of our natural death.

But if during our lifetime we believe parts of our bodies could be used for the benefit of others, we should be allowed to retain the right to donate our organs or bodies. And if we wish to ensure that actions taken at the time of our death, accord with our wishes, those trusted with Lasting Power of Attorney should be capable of securing our wishes.

Neil Kelly Tredcroft Road Hove