A MUSICIAN made the most of Sunday’s sun by taking a trip to Brighton beach.

But Ella Eyre reassured fans the sunbathing session was “socially distanced, obviously” in a post on social media.

This came just two days after the Just Got Paid singer opened up in a post about Mental Health Awareness Week in a candid message to her 473,000 followers.

During the UK lockdown she said her anxiety had been “through the roof” in a message to fans. But she added that, at this time, “acceptance and kindness to ourselves is more important than ever”.

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The Argus:

The 26-year-old singer songwriter said: “I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to post about Mental Health Awareness Week this week, but I realised my reasons for not wanting to are exactly why I should.

“The thing is, I keep seeing really uplifting, positive and empowering contributions to this conversation (which are great by the way, keep them coming) but for me to write one of those right now would feel disingenuous on my part.

“To be honest, my anxiety is through the roof at the moment and, rather than disguise it like I normally do, I thought I’d just be real with you for a second.

The Argus:

“Everything’s good, I’m good, friends and family are good, music is good, but I am stressed and I have absolutely no idea why. Does anyone else ever get that?

“I’m doing all the things I do when it gets like this; meditation, talking, exercise etcetera. But, with what’s going on in the world right now, it feels unbelievably selfish of me to feel anything but gratitude for my situation.

“I guess in times like these acceptance and kindness to ourselves is more important than ever, so I just wanted to say something for anyone feeling these feels - I feel you.”