A FORMER Sussex MP has called for Government adviser Dominic Cummings to resign.

Ex-Hastings MP Amber Rudd said Mr Cummings’s alleged breach of lockdown rules had confused and angered people.

“He should quit because he’s making things worse,” the former Home Secretary told ITV’s Peston last night.

“People have been great during the lockdown.

“In a really difficult period, they have complied.

The Argus: Ms Rudd suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson saw Mr Cummings as his 'lucky charm'Ms Rudd suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson saw Mr Cummings as his 'lucky charm'

“And now they’re confused and that makes them angry and I think that will have consequences.”

Ms Rudd said the controversial adviser should admit his presence in the Government is “making things worse”.

“When he thinks, as any of us working in government must, ‘Am I adding here, am I helping?’ he can only conclude that his presence is making things worse at a time when we’re already in a crisis,” she said.

And she suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not want to sack Mr Cummings because he is seen as a “lucky charm” who helped him win the 2019 General Election.

“I think he sees him like a talisman, like a lucky charm, and that he needs him going forward,” Ms Rudd said.

“But I really don’t think he does.

“Dominic has been a winner in these campaigns but he’s not instrumental to good government. Dominic is being negative.”

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