FOR weeks, people have been confused by mysterious signs that have appeared in the streets.

There are about 3,000 of them between Brighton Marina and Shoreham.

The circles are drawn in chalk and have the word “here” written in them.

The Argus:

Now the man behind the signs has now been tracked down and The Argus asked him the question on everyone’s lips: Why?

Artist Mike Barrett, who has lived in Brighton for nearly three decades, said: “There are various theories people have shared.

“People have questioned whether they are portals, or places marked for some reason, these are all great ideas.”

The Argus:

But when asked what the correct theory was, he said: “Well I don’t know yet, or perhaps at all.

“I’m not inclined to believe that we can account for what we do.”

Mr Barrett began drawing the signs with chalk on March 27.

The Argus:

He reckons he has now created about 3,000 of them while covering about 400km on his daily walks.

“Places just call out to me,” he said.

“They have a vibrant quality and I respond – tree stumps, walls, electrical boxes, letter boxes, corners of things.”

The Argus:

Some people have been complaining that the signs are graffiti.

But Mr Barrett said:“It’s chalk, it fades, it washes off in the wind and being on the coast, I suppose we are all sitting on chalk anyway.

“The response has been really mixed.

The Argus:

“I’ve had everything from ‘it’s childish, get a job’ to ‘yes, good idea’.

“That’s entirely up to them.

“Once you let something go, it’s the world’s, you don’t own it any more.”

The signs have appeared from as far west as Shoreham Harbour, east to Brighton Marina and as far north as Coldean.

Asked how long he will continue drawing chalk circles, Mr Barrett said: “I have wondered if maybe I will run out of chalk – or the desire to do it.

“Or, perhaps the world will change and it won’t seem appropriate or necessary.”