A COUPLE got engaged over Zoom to cheers, whoops of joy and the strains of a song that left them red in the face.

Jessie Bee proposed to her girlfriend Julia Gillick with the help of a Brighton musician who put together a tailor-made tune for the pair.

Hannah Brackenbury, who “sings silly songs by the seashore” and hosts a YouTube show called “All Things Brighton Beautiful”, spent weeks sifting through secret messages and romantic information shared by the couple to come up with the song.

There were a few embarrassing revaluations – Julia gets “excited about opening the blinds” and the pair courted speaking in Australian accents.

The heartwarming tune, peaked as Hannah sang: “With this song I have a small suggestion, with this ring I have pertinent question that I’d like to ask of you Julia...”

The video then cuts to Jessie asking Julia: “I wondered if you might like to marry me?”

Julia said: “Yes please.”

Then, family and friends who had also been on the call broke out into applause.

The plan came off perfectly, and it was just as Hannah had planned.

“At the beginning of lockdown I was approached by the lovely Jessie who asked if I could write a personalised song that she could use to propose to her girlfriend Julia with,” she said.

“After weeks of secret messages and exchanges of romantic information the song was complete, and we hatched a plan to perform it live on Zoom during one of my shows, with lots of their family and friends watching from all over the world.”

It was recorded during a live online performance earlier this month.