A MASS gathering protest due to take place today was a no-show.

A flyer shared with The Argus this week stated that a gathering was planned at the Level in Brighton today at midday, in defiance of Government guidelines on social distancing.

The creators of the flyer reject the idea of the "new normal" and believe the lockdown is "wrong". 

The Argus: The flyer advertising the mass gathering protestThe flyer advertising the mass gathering protest

The flyer stated: "All faith has been lost in our Government. It is quite clear that it is one rule for them and one for us.

"So why should we trust what they say about the coronavirus?

"They have taken our freedoms and it is time, once again, to show that the people still have the power.

"This lockdown is wrong and we should not settle for a 'new normal'.

The Argus:

However, no protesters could be seen at the Level at lunchtime today. 

Instead people were sunbathing, relaxing on the grass and exercising.

Police were still on patrol in the area and one officer said: "As it stands it seems people have chosen to stick to the safety advice and not gathered, and we would say that's a very sensible decision.

"If there was a gathering we would not be down here to enforce social distancing but to talk to people and encourage them to follow Government advice."

The officer added: "We have had protesters walking down the seafront recently, which is reasonable in the sense that they are moving and exercising. It is people meeting up and gathering where there is a problem."

The Argus: The Level todayThe Level today

Recent anti-lockdown protest marches led by Louise Creffield, leader of the Brighton arm of lockdown protest movement Save Our Rights UK, have seen small groups of activists marching down the seafront in Hove with people shouting "Save our rights, save our freedom".

A mass gathering was also proposed to take place on Brighton beach and Bevendean Down on May 16.

The event was organised to take a stand against the coronavirus bill, "mandatory vaccines", the "new normal" and "the unlawful lockdown", but again no such protest took place.