BEACH bins were left overflowing this morning after throngs of people hit the seafront yesterday.

Pictures taken in Brighton and Hove show the messy aftermath following crowds swarming the beaches throughout Saturday.

Thousands had headed to the seafront to enjoy 24 degree heat and cool off in the sea.

The Argus:

Empty bottles were lined up on walls this morning and bags of rubbish lay strewn around bins, gleaming in the sun.

The remains of what appear to be burnt out barbecues were also found.

The Argus: Burnt out barbecues on the beach this morningBurnt out barbecues on the beach this morning

But the piles of steaming litter did not put off beach-goers today, who again took to the seafront to bathe and bask in the heat.

It comes as Brighton and Hove City Council issued a warning for people to stay away from the beaches.

The Argus:

The local authority has "huge concerns" about social distancing rules not being met and a second coronavirus outbreak if residents from outside the city continue to flock to the coast.

Reports of antisocial behaviour, such as adults urinating in front of families with children, have also been raised.

The Argus:

The council is again asking people who do not live in Brighton and Hove to stay away, unless their visit is "absolutely critical", and to instead use parks and open spaces where they live.

Their message today is: "If you love Brighton and Hove, please stay away for the time being, we are too busy."