A BEACH looked “worse than after Pride” after piles of litter were left strewn across the pebbles over the weekend.

Remy Haudecoeur, operations manager at Brighton’s Palace Pier, said he could not believe the state of the city’s beach yesterday morning.

He said: “When I left the Pier on Saturday night it was just insane.

“It was like after Pride festival, with drunk people everywhere.

“Groups of 20 or more were still having barbecues.

“There was a lot of litter then and the teams at Coalition were already cleaning.”

Remy put a call-out on the Palace Pier’s Facebook page for volunteers to help clean the beach yesterday morning.

When the team arrived at 6am Remy was shocked to find so much litter, even after a clean-up had already happened the night before.

He said: “The beach was covered with nappies, wipes, takeaway items and drinks bottles.

“It was not safe as there were so many sharp items and broken glass which could hurt any kids around.

“There were also lots of laughing gas canisters. It’s just crazy.”

Volunteers collected enough rubbish to fill 25 five-litre bags between Brighton Marina and the i360 yesterday morning.

Remy said there were still drunk people on the beach when they started cleaning at 6am.

He said: “With everything that’s happened with the coronavirus I was thinking people must have learned something but obviously they have not.

“I’m very surprised in this time we are going through that people don’t take care of their own rubbish when they leave Brighton Beach. Is it that hard?”

Remy will be cleaning the beach in front of the Palace Pier every weekend for the rest of the summer until September, and residents can volunteer to join him at a distance.

He said: “I will put the call-out every week on our Facebook page. We provide all face masks, gloves and safety gear.”