ARMED police seized a supercar after spotting it speeding along a packed seafront.

The bright green Lamborghini was loaded on to the back of a truck and towed away after being stopped by Sussex Roads Police in Brighton yesterday.

The force said the car had been seen speeding and drifting near pedestrians on Saturday when crowds of people made their way to the beach.

Sharing a photo of the vehicle on social media, a spokesman for Sussex Roads Police said: “Our firearms colleagues seized this in Brighton yesterday after spotting it drifting and speeding on the seafront, in the vicinity of many pedestrians.

“Owning an expensive car doesn’t give you the right to drive it any way you want to.”

The force also responded to queries over why the car was seized.

The spokesman said: “Section 59 of the Police Reform Act gives us power to seize vehicles being driven in such a manner if caught more than once in a 12 month period (ie. after they’ve already been warned).”

He also said they could also issue a fine and points on the driver’s licence for careless driving, and added that the driver would “need to produce documents and pay the release fee to get it back”.

The post quickly grabbed the attention of many, with some asking if the force might be willing to sell it on.

One chancer even offered to swap the Lamborghini for their Reliant Robin.