IF you had told Georgina Burrows at the start of the year her life would soon revolve around eggs, she would not have believed you.

But less than six months later, the event producer and director from Lewes is now the founder of Sussex Organic Eggspress and delivers thousands to people across the coast.

The 33-year-old delivered her first batch on March 23, the day lockdown was introduced in the UK.

She said: “This year I was supposed to be doing The Martlets Hove carnival, but then everything happened at once.

“I had a week where it was awful, having to cancel everything.

“I was worried that I would go absolutely barmy having nothing to do, as well as being skint.”

The former Brighton resident said she floated the idea of picking up organic eggs from a farm in Ditching to deliver in the area to her neighbours – and it proved an instant hit.

She then posted the idea to a community Facebook group.

Georgina said: “Oh my God, I had a million people say yes.

“I put an order form up online, and I had 60 orders in three hours, I was full of fear each time I looked in my inbox.

“The Ditchling farm ran out of eggs, so I spent Saturday ringing around all the organic egg farms in Sussex and found its the sister farm, Springles Farm.”

Georgina is now delivering eggs across Brighton and surrounding areas including, Shoreham, Portslade, Hove, Brighton and Lewes.

She also delivers to the Brunswick and Thorn pub in Thorn Road, Worthing, where people can collect their orders.

She said: “If you told me in January that I would be delivering eggs, I would not have believed you – it’s absolutely bizarre

“I have had a Saturday night quizzes where I’m surround by eggs.”

She has even employed a friend, who is a travel writer, to help deliver the eggs around the city.

The deliveries include seasonal recipes.

Georgina believes the current environment is a great time to pursue your ideas.

She said: “If you can look for opportunities that are there.

“I think it’s a good time to test out new things as everything is so up in the air.

“Try it out and if it doesn’t pan out, who cares?

“I started with a Google form, you don’t need to spend loads of money.

“It’s worth looking for the opportunities and taking the chance.”

Details of how to order from Sussex Organic Eggspress can be found on its Facebook page, @organiceggspress.