Gabor Lenkey’s lone horse at Cissbury Ring on the South Downs is our May competition winner.

The theme was solitude and we had hard work singling out our own solitary winner after more than 100 entries.

Gabor wins £50 for the stunning photo.

Also big congratulations go to Robert Elliott, Kevin Long, Cieran Parker and Mark Bond for making today’s shortlist and spread.

Other shots captured a solo swan, a lonely leaf and a runner on a deserted shoreline while the ruined West Pier and passing boat also summed up the mood.

The next competition is now ready to launch and the theme for June is “heat”.

The weather has been glorious and members have been taking advantage to get out and take pictures of whatever captures their imagination.

The prize once again will be £50. There can be only one entry per person and all entries must be submitted by midnight on June 30.

You can enter via the competition post pinned to the top of the Argus Camera Club group.

The camera club group is not just for competitions.

Our members are always exchanging tips and tricks on how to take the best photographs from across Sussex.

To join the growing membership and join in the fun go to