A BLACK Lives Matter protest is planned to take place in Brighton this evening.

A flyer shared with The Argus is asking people to meet at St Nicholas Church in Church Street at 7pm.

The "Black Lives Matter Solidarity Protest" aims to show support for "those fighting for their lives and futures in the USA".

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Anyone who has shown symptoms of coronavirus has been told to stay at home and those taking part are urged to "wear protective masks, non-identifiable clothes and bring plant-based snacks and water".

There is another protest march planned for June 13, with protesters meeting at Brighton Palace Pier.

The Argus:

It is believed the two events have been organised separately.

There have been protests across the world following the death of George Floyd in America, an unarmed black man who died last week while being restrained by a Minneapolis police officer.

He pleaded for air as the officer was kneeling on his neck.

Another protest is due to take place tomorrow evening in Hove.

The Argus:

Members of Brighton and Hove's Bame (black, Asian and minority ethnic) Labour Party branch plan to stand outside Hove Town Hall from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

A spokesman for the group said members were outraged at the death of George Floyd and were "inviting anyone who wishes to stand in solidarity” to attend.

"This will be silent protest as a mark of respect, and social distancing rules will be observed," he said.

The Argus:

In America, curfews have been imposed in nearly 40 cities after police and protesters clashed in a series of stand-offs.

Sussex Police have said they "stand with those appalled by George Floyd's death".

The force has also issued a comment on the possibility of protests in the county.

Chief Superintendent Nick May, divisional policing commander for Brighton and Hove, said: "We are aware that a number of events and possibly protest activity may be taking place in Brighton and Hove over the next few days recognising the death of George Floyd in the USA, which we know has caused considerable hurt and distress among our local communities.

"We fully support the right for lawful protest and have facilitated many in recent years. However, during the current pandemic, this right must be balanced against our over-riding aim - along with our partners and colleagues in other emergency services, authorities and organisations - of protecting and keeping the people of Brighton and Hove safe.

The Argus:

"As a result, current restrictions around gatherings of people and the still very real need for social distancing to protect the NHS and save lives mean that we will move to disperse any large-scale protest gathering.

"We will continue our policing approach to engage, explain and encourage, only enforcing as an absolute last resort.

"We don't want to criminalise people but hope that anyone wishing to ensure that George Floyd's death is acknowledged and remembered will do so in a manner that also recognises their responsibilities to contributing to the safety of everyone in Brighton and Hove."