A SADISTIC sex killer has whined to officers about a delay in his prison transfer to be closer to his mother, it has been reported.

Graham Coutts, 51, is serving a life sentence for the murder of Jane Longhurst in Brighton in 2003.

He kept the naked body of Ms Longhurst, who was 31, in a storage box for three weeks and desecrated it.

The convicted killer was granted a transfer from HMP Wakefield to a prison in his native Scotland last year.

But according to The Scottish Sun Coutts has moaned to his prison chiefs and nagged them to make the switch happen despite the coronavirus lockdown.

It was reported that the jail he wants to move to is over capacity by 56 inmates, and in a blog Coutts has claimed he has been told he faces a four-year wait.

The Argus:

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He is keeping a blog protesting his innocence, which a friend posts online, where he previously revealed his “beautiful view of a snow-topped mountain” at Saughton prison, where he was briefly held in 2010 and which sparked his desire for a transfer.

This man is a sadist who brutally murdered a much-loved teacher and musician

In the most recent blog he wrote: “They have reduced their population over the past year but at current rates it’s going to take another three to four years before I’m transferred.

“My application was submitted in November 2016 and approved two years ago.

“My mother is now 80 — what are they waiting for? I’ve already lost my father — find space.”

The Argus:

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The Scottish Prison Service said: “At present no cross-jurisdiction transfers are taking place because of Covid-19.”

Coutts was found guilty after a trial in 2004, but his conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal, sparking a retrial, where he was again found guilty of murder in 2007.

Previously, the decision to grant his prison switch was branded “obscene” by women’s campaign groups.

Coutts strangled Ms Longhurst and was 35 at the time.

The Argus:

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Ms Longhurst, of Shaftesbury Road, Brighton, died in March 2003. She worked in a school and also helped Brighton Youth Orchestra.

Coutts, of Leven, Fife, was the partner of her friend Lisa Stevens.

It was reported that he had held fantasies of strangling women from the age of 15.

Jane’s mother Liz Longhurst led a battle to make possessing pornographic images of torture, rape and necrophilia a criminal offence, and gained 50,000 signatures in 2009.

The Argus:

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For Our Daughters director Jean Calder said: “This man is a sadist who brutally murdered a much-loved teacher and musician, locking her body in a storage box, defiling and desecrating it in a variety of ways.

“When he came to court he chose not to plead guilty, but attempted to trash Jane’s reputation by alleging she had consented to strangulation.

“Through the course of two trials he put her family and the local community through terrible distress.

“That he should express a hope for a view of snow-covered mountains is both obscene and insulting.

“It is impossible to know his real motivation for the transfer to the Scottish prison system, though I suspect he may hope it will be a more liberal one and easier to manipulate.

“He is a danger to women and I hope he will never be freed.”