TWO major chain shops have run into trouble amid turbulent times on the high street.

The UK arm of the lingerie shop Victoria’s Secret has collapsed into administration, leaving more than 800 jobs at risk.

Meanwhile it is understood that footwear retailer Office could close as many as half its UK stores.

Victoria’s Secret has a branch in Churchill Square shopping centre in Brighton. It is not known whether this outlet is at risk of closure, but it is understood that 25 across the UK are.

The firm is said to have called in Deloitte for a “light touch” administration, after being hit by the closure of high streets during the pandemic.

Before going into administration, Victoria’s Secret had already furloughed 785 of its workers. It is understood that all workers will remain on the Government’s job retention scheme for now.

Prior to the pandemic, Victoria’s Secret had reportedly been struggling to adapt to social and consumer change.

Shoe shop Office has branches in Brighton at Churchill Square shopping centre and Cranbourne Street, as well as Offspring in Duke Street.

Sky News has reported that the retailer is planning to get rid of dozens of its 100 UK shops when the leases expire over the next few years.

It is understood that those earmarked for closure will not shut straight away.

The company is believed to have been exploring restructuring plans over the past few weeks. It is not clear how many jobs could be at risk.

Office has not responded to The Argus’s requests for comment about the future of its three stores in Brighton.

Victoria’s Secret said no store closures have been announced.