A STAGGERING £108 million contract has been awarded to a family-run pest control company.

It has emerged that the Government tasked PestFix, which is based in Littlehampton, with supplying the National Health Service with personal protective equipment (PPE) in April.

At this time, there was mounting pressure for the Conservatives to ensure frontline workers were protected - with it being widely reported in the media that NHS staff faced shortages of gowns, visors and other protective items.

So, the Ferry Road company was called upon and received the substantial sum for its work.

PestFix employs 16 people and has net assets of £18,000.

On Friday, Matt Hancock announced a plan to make face coverings compulsory in hospitals for all staff, visitors and outpatients from June 15.

But some frontline workers slammed the “pointless” announcement while an outraged NHS boss insisted the decision was made “without any notice or consultation”.