AN entrepreneur has designed the world’s first festival of nothing.

Laurence McCahill has responded to the unique set of circumstances people find themselves in due to Covid-19 and come up with something to ease the stress of everyday living.

His A Day Of Nothing festival on Saturday, June 20, will give people who struggle to switch off the permission to step away from their to-do list and do nothing for one day, together.

The free festival will take place in and around the homes of participants from all over the world.

In the run-up to the event, organisers will share guidance and tools including the supporting book, Busy Doing Nothing, to help thousands of participants get the most out of their day of doing nothing.

Organiser Laurence, from Brighton, said: “The idea of the festival is to empower people to hit the pause button, just for a day.

“It’s for those of us who are always on, or have a lot of responsibility and sometimes need someone to say – it’s OK to just do nothing.

“This is the permission slip we all crave.

“I was on a team Zoom call recently, actually planning a virtual summit, when I noticed how much pressure we were all putting on to ourselves to stay ‘productive’ during lockdown.

“I realised what myself and others need isn’t more things to do but actually a real break from being busy.

“Not bingeing on Netflix or just an hour’s walk, where chances are you’re still mentally adding to the to-do list. So we binned the virtual summit and decided to do this instead.

“Doing nothing is so simple and beneficial for our mental wellbeing and for our creativity but so hard to do alone. So 10,000 of us will be doing it together on the longest day of the year.”

To sign-up for A Day Of Nothing festival or to find out more, visit