A BAKERY chain is expecting an onslaught of hungry customers when it reopens on Thursday.

Researchers say the Greggs in Boundary Road, Portslade, could be one of the busiest in the country when it finally welcomes customers back.

Sausage roll savants across the UK have been craving the chain’s signature bakes for months after all 1,650 of its bakeries shut in March amid the UK lockdown.

But the wait is over at last, with all branches set to reopen later this week.

A team of researchers from Great Bean Bags set out to find which of them would be the busiest on the big day.

The Argus:

The team compiled a country-wide list of Greggs’ bakeries based on “people per restaurant” and the Portslade bakery finished in the top ten.

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The study found that 79,513 people were reliant on the branch for their Greggs fix, paving the way for “colossal queues” at the store, a spokesman for Great Bean Bags said.

Nutritional therapist Claudia le Feuvre explained that fast foods could take customers to a 'bliss point' with ingredients causing the brain to release feel-good endorphins and dopamine, "a neurotransmitter that will keep us coming back for more, especially when the doors reopen".

But she urged people to take a balanced approach to their diet.