EXCITED fishermen spotted a pod of dolphins swimming off Brighton beach.

One exclaimed the animal were "the coolest thing I've ever seen" as their fins appeared above the water's surface.

The Brighton Dolphin Project said this was one of several reports it has received of the pod being seen along the coast.

The organisation, which aims to "inspire and engage the local community to learn about the incredible marine wildlife off the Sussex coast", told The Argus there were nine sightings last night.

The Argus:

A spokesman said it was great to see the animals enjoying their time off the Sussex coast and encouraged people to continue to report any sightings.

This is not the first time the animals have shown themselves to Sussex residents this month.

A playful pod swam alongside jetskier Nicholas Coleman on June 1, just a mile off Brighton beach.

The 31-year-old said it was the "first time I have seen dolphins off the South Coast of England in three years of owning a jet ski".

Lloyd Gofton of the Brighton Dolphin Project said: "We expect more dolphin sightings at this time of year, but this week has seen a range of amazing videos, photos and reports of pods of bottlenose dolphins just a mile off the coast of Brighton.

"The combination of warm weather and a bank holiday means more people have been offshore to see our Sussex dolphins.

The Argus:

“We want to thank all those that send in their sightings, which all go towards our research and we will continue to share all images and videos via our social profiles.”

The Brighton Dolphin Project has a discovery centre where the public can learn more about Brighton’s dolphins and other marine life.

They are also doing research which includes creating a photo ID catalogue to try to identify individual dolphins.

The project’s discovery centre can be found at the World Cetacean Alliance offices at Studio 3, Lower Promenade, Madeira Drive.

Visit the Brighton Dolphin Project website here.