WILDLIFE rescuers helped take a stranded mother duck and her ten ducklings to safety.

The female mallard had got lost in a static caravan park near Uckfield and was wandering towards a main road.

So volunteer rescuers from the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service were quickly on hand to guide the bird safely to water.

Rescue service coordinator Trevor Weeks and the volunteers helped stop traffic for five minutes and got the ducklings to safety, and the moment was recorded on video.

He said: “The biggest problem we had was not knowing where she wanted to go.

“Potentially she and her ducklings could have got run over.

“We gave her some space and let her decide where she wanted to go, and this meant escorting her and her ducklings across a small section of main road.”

Two vet ambulances with flashing orange lights were used to warn motorists while rescuers Julie Stafford and Ellie Langridge encourage the mother to start walking.

Ellie said: “She was reluctant to walk out of the caravan park, but she would have only ended up at a dead end if she didn’t head out.

“Once she was out on the road traffic was slowed down and stopped so we could get her safely along.”

For more information about the wildlife rescue service charity visit www.wildlifeambulance.org