BORIS JOHNSON has told city leaders to “show some guts” and welcome visitors back to Brighton and Hove

The Prime Minister was responding to a question from Hove and Portslade MP Peter Kyle after announcing the easing of lockdown measures on July 4.

Mr Kyle asked Mr Johnson what the Government was going to do to make sure tourist destinations such as Brighton and Hove were “extra safe” when attractions reopen. 

Mr Johnson implored him and other city leaders to “show some guts”.

The city took the unprecedented step of telling visitors to stay away during lockdown in a bid to ensure the safety of residents. 

Mr Kyle later told The Argus: “I have got the guts to try and lead a community through these difficult times, Boris Johnson just wants to be popular, that’s the difference between him and me.

The Argus:

“I want our businesses to start selling and thriving more than any, but not at the cost of people’s lives.

“As we take these steps forward, we need to make sure we get each step right, otherwise we will go backwards.

“The fact that pubs are opening before schools shows just what a shambolic situation that has been created in Britain.”

From July 4, restaurants and hairdressers will all be able to reopen in England.

The Argus:

Cinemas, museums and other attractions will also reopen, but “close proximity” sites like indoor gyms, spas and swimming pools with changing rooms will not.

Speaking in Parliament today, Mr Kyle said: “It’s good news that people can start socialising and meeting in public again. But what is he going to do to make sure that destination communities such as the one I represent in Brighton and Hove are extra safe?

“Because there will be people meeting and drinking in places like the seafront and in parks where it will be impossible to get the names and addresses of every customer.

“There will be other pinch points where people from various destinations will be rubbing up against each other.

“What will he do in the absence of the promised app to make sure these communities are destinations for investment and not destinations for Covid?”

Mr Johnson replied: “I will be calling on local representatives such as himself to show some guts and determination and champion their communities as venues for people to return to and support.

The Argus:

“I think that he can do that with confidence because we are introducing a sensible package of measures that allows businesses gradually to reopen while ensuring social distancing.

“It’s that mixture plus the NHS test and trace scheme which allows us to go forward. That is the formula which works.

“As for the issue of putting names behind the bar or registering in restaurants, I do think that is something people get and as far as possible we want people to do that.

“We want businesses to comply with that as we believe it will be very important for our ability to track back and stop outbreaks happening, so I think he should encourage all businesses to take the names of customers.”