FORMER glamour model Katie Price says she is now a “threat” to other celebrities because she is “back, bigger and better”.

She was speaking as she took another trip down memory lane through the highs and lows of her career while clearing out her £2 million mansion.

The I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here star recently revealed she is selling the property in Horsham and vowed never to live there again.

The 42-year-old concluded her three part YouTube series, My Mucky Mansion Hell, by exploring sentimental items in a room she previously “could not go into”.

The Argus: Katie Price's 'mucky mansion' in Horsham, which she plans to sellKatie Price's 'mucky mansion' in Horsham, which she plans to sell

Katie said: “I was in the Priory this year for lots of reasons – men, trauma, you name it.

“I’ve not been able to come in this room because it used to make me upset about my choices.

“But now I can easily sit here and be proud, pat myself on the shoulder and say, this is why you’re still here, 25 years later – still in the industry – and this is what you’ve achieved.

“All these celebrities may be Instagram famous, but what have they actually achieved?

“I’ve done front covers of so many magazines and I’ve been to so many different countries and places and events.

“I’ve lived it.”

During the episode, Katie picked out items she had hidden away in a cupboard, including a jewellery range she designed for Argos.

She put on a replica of the engagement ring her ex-husband Peter Andre had given to her and revealed it had originally belonged to their manager.

The Argus: Katie Price wearing a replica of her engagement ring to former husband Peter AndreKatie Price wearing a replica of her engagement ring to former husband Peter Andre

She said: “Pete bought the ring off her to give to me.

“When I look back, that’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

“Today, this ring is a ring to commit myself not to get married again and not to commit myself to ****heads, not to commit myself to fame-hungry men or men who want money.

“The sad thing was, the person who did give me this engagement ring should have been for ever.”

The mother of five also picked out a photograph of herself with presenters on the lunchtime chat show Loose Women.

Katie said she had been through one of her “darkest moments” and had been “really struggling” when she was a panellist on the show, but it would be her dream to go back on it now she is “much better”.

On finding some framed rosettes from a 2007 Horse of the Year show she did for Sky Sports, Katie reflected and said: “I was so nervous that day but I loved it.

“If there’s any talent that I have got, that’s the best thing I can do.”

A framed gold disc in recognition of her book sales in 2008, which topped £2 million, prompted Katie to highlight this part of her career.

She said: “That’s an achievement, but no one wants to write about my achievements because they always want to put me down.

“But I’m back, stronger than ever and ready to get awards like this all over again.”

The Argus: Katie Price in 2015. Credit: PA MediaKatie Price in 2015. Credit: PA Media

Katie had to give up the 11-bedroom mansion earlier this year. The property, which has a swimming pool, tennis court and horse stables, was signed over to a trustee.

It had been dubbed her “mucky mansion” by tabloid newspapers after falling into a state of disrepair and caretakers reported “squalid conditions”.

Previously worth more than £40 million, the Brighton-born star was made bankrupt last November after the High Court found she had failed to repay debts, estimated to be £800,000.