THERE have been no coronavirus deaths in Sussex for the past six days.

Nationally, official statistics from the Department of Health and Social Care showed that there were 171 new deaths recorded as of 9am on Tuesday.

It means a total of 42,927 people have died with the virus since the crisis started this year.

In total, 306,210 official confirmed cases of the disease have been recorded from testing, but now more than seven million tests have been carried out.

There were no new coronavirus deaths recorded in Sussex over the weekend.

The death toll at hospitals and health facilities in Sussex now stands at 612.

And NHS England figures show there have been no deaths in the past six days.

The last recorded death affecting the county was recorded at the

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust, which covers Crawley, on June 17.

The most recent death recorded in East Sussex was on June 15.

In Brighton and Hove two patients who died on June 15 were the last recorded deaths in hospital.

There have now been 487 confirmed cases in Brighton and Hove, the same as yesterday, 1,369 in West Sussex, one more than the previous day and 776 in East Sussex, up one from the day before.