FIVE flytippers have been fined after dumping huge heaps of rubbish near an athletics stadium.

The group were slapped with the £400 penalty after leaving mountains of broken furniture, bursting rubbish bags and more at Withdean Stadium in Brighton.

This was the latest in a spate of similar incidents, with Brighton and Hove City Council issuing 90 fines for the offence since the UK lockdown was introduced – a total of more than £35,000.

With flytipping on the rise, the council has promised further action to crack down on those responsible.

The authority is intent on stamping out the litter louts so is introducing a hotline for people reporting those who have discarded their rubbish in public places.

Brighton and Hove residents will be able to call the number – 01273 295063 – and give details of a fly-tip crime.

The council said staff will then be able to “respond immediately”.

It is hoped this will lead to more offenders being caught, with those reporting the offence previously having to fill in an online form on the council’s website.

Councillor Anne Pissaridou, chairwoman of the council’s environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “We hope residents will use the new hotline and join us in our battle against flytippers.

“It’s a horrible and needless crime as it harms the environment and costs the council, therefore council taxpayers, money.

“It’s carried out by people who don’t care about the damage they’re doing or the mess they’re creating. They know they’re doing wrong because they hardly ever dump their rubbish or waste in broad daylight or in view of people.

“The number of fines we’ve handed out recently shows we do catch these people and we will continue to do so, even more now as we’ve made reporting easier.”

Flytippers can be fined if they leave household items, appliances and furniture on the street or beside communal bins, or dump rubbish or building materials in the countryside or green spaces such as parks.

A charge will also be issued to anyone who leaves an item on the pavement, even if this is done in the hope that someone else will claim the item.

The new hotline will be staffed between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. Callers outside these hours are asked to leave a message containing details of the flytipping incident.