A FEW weeks ago I wrote to The Argus suggesting that the local council will take the opportunity to “blame” the Covid-19 outbreak for a further delay in repayment of the council loan and interest for the 1360 debacle.

Lo and behold Saturday’s Argus confirmed my thoughts and it was also suggested storms Ciara and Dennis had an impact on revenues as well.

While you’re at it Brighton and Hove City Council, why not blame Donald Trump and Boris Johnson as well?

The truth of the matter is, which “numpty” told the council that 750,000 visitors a year would come to this eyesore? Really? Three quarters of a million people a year?

That’s more than 2,000 people per day.

The council also states that 30 per cent of the revenue is achieved in July and August, so that equates to approximately 4,500 visits a day in this period.

These numbers were never, ever going to be achieved and those councillors responsible for voting for this debacle should be held accountable.

Unfortunately Messrs Kitcat, Theobold and Morgan have all disappeared, but they are responsible.

I actually had a conversation with one councillor at the time who said that they only voted for it because “all the others wanted it”.

Are these councillors actually competent enough to even hold these positions of power?

When we have the Madeira Arches collapsing, the West Pier just an eyesore, it is a travesty that this monstrosity was ever built.

No matter how many gimmicks the management come up with, Brighton council tax payers will be forever “bailing out” this failure.

Perhaps Nancy Platts and all her other PC/cycle lane obsessed colleagues would actually like to stand up and be counted for their extraordinary waste of public funds?

Paul Johnston

Middleton Avenue