I POST pictures of my garden most days on my various social media accounts, both distance views and many close ups of plants.

This week, one of the most commented flower images has been a stunning Alstroemeria, “Indian Summer’”or Peruvian Lily. I’ve been growing it for several years now and it is a truly unique plant with bronzed foliage and a long flowering period from June right through to November, what’s more it is perfect for borders, patio containers and used as a cut flower too.

I have a large clump in a border and some in a container. Their perfect compact, upright habit, make them a must-have to brighten any garden. They have an exotic appearance and are hardy too. I’ve had mine in the border now for more than four years and they never fail to dazzle every season with ever more stems. They are tuberous perennials which originate from South America.

The trick is to remember that when flowers fade, remove the whole flower spike at ground level to encourage further flowering. They are drought tolerant, but watering in dry periods will encourage further flowering. I regularly feed mine every eight to ten days during the growing season too which creates even better blooms.

Another favourite this week has been the Trifolium rubens, which is a type of clover. It dies back to below ground level each year in autumn, then fresh new growth appears again in spring. Trifoliate blue-green leaves covered in soft hairs, offer a beautiful contrast for the conical clusters of magenta-red flowers, which open from silvery buds in summer. It is very attractive and beneficial to insects including butterflies and bees and looks fabulous in naturalised planting styles. It’s fast growing and will tolerate sun or partial shade.

I’ve got two plants growing around my pond area and one can be seen clearly from the kitchen French windows. They never seem to stop flowering and their spires look so majestic.

I’ll be on BBC Sussex’s mid-morning radio show on Sunday with Joe Talbot, about 1.20pm, talking about gardens that are starting to open again for the National Garden Scheme in July. This weekend you can see two gardens in Seaford, 34 Chyngton Road and Cosy Cottage in Firle Road on Sunday, Sienna Wood in East Grinstead on Monday and Findon Place near Worthing also on Sunday. You have to book and pay online at www.ngs.org.uk

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