POLICE were called to break up a large group of antisocial drivers in a car meet. 

The motorists had travelled from London and descended on Newhaven and Brighton on Saturday evening, in cars and on motorbikes. 

Temporary chief constable Jo Shiner thanked the public for their patience while officers policed the car meet-up.

Footage taken in Fort Road in Newhaven showed some of the vehicles turning around and leaving after police had blocked the road.

The ‘car cruise’ was also seen heading towards Brighton Marina on the A259 Marine Parade, and a dispersal order was later issued by police at the Marina in the interest of public safety.

Residents in the area posted photos and videos of the vehicles on social media.

One witness reported seeing “over a hundred or so” vehicles and wrote on Twitter that many of the cars were "missing their front licence plates".

One Facebook user said: "Loads on the South Coast Road at this very moment doing enough speed to kill someone."

Another wrote: "Heard them coming through Peacehaven - think a few needed to get their exhausts sorted out." 

Sussex Police said: "Police responded to reports of a spontaneous ride out involving a large amount of high powered motorbikes and cars travelling from London to Brighton and Newhaven on Saturday.

"Officers engaged with the group, provided advice around anti-social driving, group gathering and encouraged them to leave the area. 

"A dispersal order was issued at Brighton Marina and Marine Drive to maintain public order and safety. 

"Motorists left and officers were stood down shortly before midnight."