Keep the change going - be the difference!

Throughout the pandemic there have been so many reports of how people looked out for each other, offered support in so many small and large ways, which really made a difference to peoples' lives. PEOPLE acknowledging that we all need some consideration, whoever we are, whatever the need. The stories have been inspiring and life affirming

Over the past couple of weeks, as the lockdown has been lifting, a number of European friends, and whose home is Brighton, have experienced an increase in abusive comments about being a 'foreigner,' and 'why should you get support from services?' These comments have been heard on public transport, in shops and other settings. This has led a number to feel that once again they don't belong, don't want to stay here and fear what Brexit will look like.

Come on Brighton: You, the city that Welcomes diversity!! Keep the supportive change going! Realise that this is home not only to white indigenous Brits, but is home to many others who love being here, and are valued members of our community.

We don't want them to go home: THIS IS HOME, and a home we can all be proud of.

Reverend Canon Peter Wells