NANCY Platts is absolutely right to call for local lockdown powers (The Argus, June 9) if only to use them to keep the furloughed Londoner masses from setting foot in our city.

Scenes along the seafront recently were atrocious. Drunken boors with no concept of social distancing were pressing against one another in the queue for urine-soaked Portaloos, all the while screeching questions to each other about the timetable of the last train home to London.

It’s almost like coronavirus doesn’t exist north of the A23, the way these heathens were shouting and urinating everywhere.

Litter, including dangerous glass bottles and half finished rosé wine, was discarded and sky lanterns were set alight then left to burn out for “the locals” to pick up. Of course many businesses here rely on tourism but this is a city, not a playground for bored drunk visitors, or a rubbish bin for the UK’s latte wielding metropolitans.

There is no need to close the beach to residents. If we want to avoid a second wave, I would seriously suggest that dismantling the Brighton Main Line would be one of the most effective ways of doing it.

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