THE new police chief says there will be no tolerance for criminals making people’s lives a misery in the county as she takes command.

Jo Shiner has been appointed as the new Chief Constable of Sussex Police, and will formally start next month.

Today she has set her stall out for Argus readers concerned about crime in Brighton and Hove.

She said there will be no hiding place for criminals and drugs gangs blighting the county and also pledged more patrols and a bigger presence on the streets.

The Argus:

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When asked about problems of louts, antisocial behaviour and drugs affecting Brighton and Hove, she said public confidence is important and she understood the “devastation” that drugs gangs can bring to communities.

She said: “We are tackling the issues that are blighting our communities, some of them are serious and organised crime groups.

“We are also tackling elements like antisocial behaviour. We will use dispersal orders, we will tackle those behaviours that do have an impact on a different level on those communities.

The Argus:

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“What I won’t tolerate in Sussex is those criminals who believe that they can make people’s lives a misery and that we will not pursue them, because we will.

“We will bring them to justice, and we will support victims and witnesses.

“If you are committing crime, there is no hiding place.”

She said there has been extra investment in tactical enforcement units to track down and arrest the most dangerous and wanted criminals causing problems in the county.

Resources across the board will be beefed up, and she said there are already more Police Community Support Officers on patrol in Brighton and Hove.

The Argus:

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Ms Shiner said: “I will always approach policing our communities with proportionality and by listening to what communities need, but taking a no-nonsense approach where I need to.

“It won’t be me taking the no nonsense approach, it will be those frontline resources who properly understand what communities need and also understand some of the misery and devastation that those criminals can bring.”

Ms Shiner took over officially as Chief Constable today, and said she is both excited and proud.