THE best way to improve the Madeira Drive area is surely to invest in the restoration of the arches and terrace so that they can return to their former glory, as featured on many old tourist Information posters.

Bringing the Madeira Arches back into use would improve the environment, provide quality space for walkers/cyclists and hopefully bring more visitors into the city.

This council needs to consider whether the decision to close Madeira Drive to traffic is beneficial, given that there will be a loss of parking income amounting to more than £100,000 per month and there could be issues for many of the annual events that are held here.

A total of £1.25 million per year in parking revenue would be lost to the council with this decision, funds that could be used to improve the walkways at Madeira Drive and provide a safe cycling route.

Madeira Drive could become one of the most attractive parts of the national coastal path network that is being developed by Natural England.

And since the Arch Walkway, Madeira Terrace and numerous London to Brighton events all bring in revenue from visitors, why can’t Coast to Capital, the Local Enterprise Agency, chip in with funds as well?

By hindering the annual events here at Madeira Drive, including the cycle run, the marathon, the vintage car rally, motorcycle events and the mod convention, the council is depriving this city of resources from tourists and restricting the choices available to local residents.

Let’s aim to bring the Madeira Arches and Terrace back into use and help boost revenue from visitors, something this city needs more than ever following the recent health crisis.

Rob Heale Chatham Place Brighton