“WILL we regret it?” was the question which headed Steve Waters’s letter (The Argus, June 29) which focused on the number of relaxations of lockdown which the Government has been introducing and which will culminate in this Saturday’s totally insane reopening of pubs and restaurants.

It was only a few weeks ago that the Prime Minister promised to exercise “maximum caution” in easing the lockdown, a promise which seems to have been cast aside in favour of opening up the economy.

I can appreciate the Government’s dilemma... how to protect the health of the nation without undermining still further the economy.

It does however feel as if Mr Johnson has opted for the latter, preferring our wealth over our health.

Mr Waters quotes the warning from Niall Dickson that the virus can come back at any time if we are too quick.

Sir David King (former chief scientific adviser), Professor Roland Kao (epistemologist at Edinburgh university) and even Sir Patrick Vallance have all warned against easing too many aspects of lockdown too soon.

The Government is clearly moving without the support of medical and scientific experts.

There is already talk of a second wave.

My feeling is that the first wave isn’t over yet.

We have seen our beaches overcrowded, thousands demonstrating in support of Black Lives Matter and illegal raves throughout the country... all situations where social distancing has gone out of the window.

I took the Number 2 bus from Woodingdean to Hove last week.

Fewer than half the passengers were wearing face coverings and not only youngsters.

On my return journey two teenagers sat directly behind me even though there were empty seats more than two metres away.

Mr Waters is 100 per cent correct. We must be very concerned. It is still not safe to go back in the water.

Dr Michael Johnson

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