CELEBRITY mum Katie Price slammed a cricket captain, comedian and police officers for mocking her disabled son Harvey.

The Brighton-born former glamour model and reality television star from Sussex said 18-year-old Harvey, who was rushed to hospital this week, has borne the brunt of “disgusting” online abuse for years.

Giving evidence to the Petitions Committee in Parliament, Katie called out England stand-in cricket captain Ben Stokes, comedian Frankie Boyle, Channel 4, and police officers.

The petition she launched in 2017 called for “Harvey’s Law” to make it a criminal offence to subject people to abuse on social media and the internet.

She told MPs: “Harvey gets lots of abuse, racial abuse, disgusting, despicable abuse.

“Through the years obviously I got a lot of online trolling and abuse, but I’m able to speak for myself and try to protect myself. Not that I should have to. It shouldn’t happen anyway.

“There has to be some kind of justice. There are people in the public eye, including three police officers who mocked Harvey. Since then one has retired and one has left the police, before they got a hearing.”

She said it leaves those officers free to pursue a career elsewhere without any record of why they have left the force. In her evidence she also criticised “keyboard warriors”.

She said: “Because no one is seeing any consequences, it is never going to stop. There have to be some kind of consequences.

“Bullying and trolling shouldn’t be accepted. People should be allowed freedom of speech, but you know when you are crossing the line.

“When does it become a criminal offence? How far does someone have to go before consequences are done?”

Ms Price also criticised broadcaster Channel 4 over “disgusting” comments made by comedian Frankie Boyle, while at the same time the broadcaster advertised its coverage of the Paralympic Games during an advert break.

Her campaign in 2017 attracted more than 200,000 signatures. This week she called paramedics to their new rented home. She put her Horsham mansion up for sale last month.

It followed her heartbreaking decision to send Harvey to residential care last year.

In an episode of Katie Price: My Crazy Life in April 2019, the mum-of-five said she had no choice but to send Harvey into care and said she felt “selfish” to keep him at home.

Harvey suffers from the gentic disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome as well as an underactive thyroid and diabetes.

This is a rare genetic condition with symptoms including an excessive appetite and weight gain, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and weak muscles.