LOCKDOWN has not been easy.

Here at The Argus, we have witnessed first hand the devastation this virus has caused, speaking to those who have been directly affected by the lives it has claimed, the businesses it has tested and the countless number of other challenges it has presented.

But, even in the midst of all this darkness, the beautiful people of Brighton and Hove have, as ever, managed to find some light.

With Tuesday marking the 100th day of lockdown, we asked readers to share wits us a single photo which summarised your experience... and you did not disappoint.

The Argus:

The first pictures to catch the eye were of frontline and key workers such as Georgia Chelsea Tulip, Kat Evangelista-Lair, Angie Mitchell and Steve Maguire.

Each one shared a snapshot of their life in uniform, with many still smiling behind their face masks.

NHS nurse Laura Woods, meanwhile, sent us a picture which she described as “pure joy”.

Because of her job, her nine-year-old had gone to live in Wales to stay safe.

The Argus:

But, after five weeks, the pair were reunited with Laura throwing her arms around her boy.

With firm orders from the Government to stay at home, others took the time to enjoy their family’s company.

Emily Wickham was finally able to spend some time with her mum, saying they usually “spend our lives like ships passing in the night in the same house”.

The Argus:

However, other households found themselves kicking their feet as their movements were restricted.

Heather Hunt said her children were “literally climbing up the walls”, sharing a shot of her son clinging to the top of a door frame.

Others eased their boredom by trying their hand at hairdressing, with mixed results.

The Argus:

Joe Parry’s family thoroughly enjoyed their DIY dos, while Abi French underwent an incredible transformation.

She lopped off her shoulder blade-length blonde locks and, instead, formed an immaculate pink quiff.

The Argus:

However, other experiments did not go so well.

Lucy Kipling has dubbed her dad “Friar Tuck” after her mum had a go with the scissors. But the family still had plenty to celebrate, with Lucy’s nan celebrating her 100th birthday during the lockdown.

Some people used the 100 days to brush up on their various talents.

The Argus:

Stewart Reading-Brown captured some stunning sunset shots of an empty Brighton beach while Becky Verrall used her evenings to create amazing sketches.

There was no risk of boredom in Claire Masey Leppard’s street as her husband took to the stage (their driveway) to sing for their neighbours.

But, for some, work continued – though not as they knew it.

The Argus:

With living rooms transformed into offices overnight, people quickly found positives and negatives to working from home.

While some unnamed Argus reporters (me) have revelled in their new workplace’s proximity to the fridge, Cara Boyle’s stubborn pug put a sharp stop to her productivity by sitting on her desk, smothering her notes and laptop.

The Argus:

Thank you to everyone who shared their snapshots into the last 100 days, we look forward to enjoying the new normal with you when it is safe to do so.