WARNINGS have been issued about drinking alcohol near the coast as many pubs reopen their doors today.

The Maritime and Coastal Agency is urging the public to avoid setting out to sea if they have been drinking and to remember that “the sea and alcohol don’t mix”.

The maritime regulator said alcohol is a contributing factor in a significant number of coastal drownings every year, and those who have been drinking are more likely to take unnecessary risks and make mistakes which could be life-threatening.

HM Coastguard’s Chief Coastguard Pete Mizen said: “Please don’t risk your own safety, no matter how tempting the water looks.

“Jumping or falling into water, especially after drinking, is extremely dangerous.

“If you are having a glass of something cold at the coast, please enjoy the sea view, but don’t be tempted into the water.

“If you see anyone in trouble at the coast call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”