PROTESTERS threatened to strip naked in their anger at a road closure along the seafront.

Mods rode their distinctive scooters to Madeira Drive in Brighton, which has been closed to traffic by council chiefs.

The future of the road is causing anger, as it is the focal point for motoring events and gatherings which bring thousands of visitors to the city.

But many feel opening the area for walkers and cyclists only is good for the environment, people’s health, and the seafront.

Council chiefs originally closed the road in April to create extra space for people to exercise safely outdoors with social distancing.

The authority is considering whether to make the temporary closure a permanent policy.

This has angered Mods, who gather at Brighton at weekends and bank holidays.

The Argus:

Among them was Alan Shine, from Croydon. He said: “I'm going to have to do something really drastic - like getting naked.”

Police arrived to make sure that no scooters went into Madeira Drive.

The Argus:

Mod protesters chanted “We are the Mods” an “keep it open” in scenes similar to those shown in the cult film Quadrophenia.

Organiser Olly Wilson said: “About a month ago I set up a campaign to reopen Madeira Drive because it should be for all users, not just for some users.

The Argus:

“Everybody, Mods, motorcyclists, walkers, runners, disabled people, should all be allowed to use it.

“At the moment that is not the case, and it is killing businesses who rely on motorcycle and Mods’ trade.

“It’s all about freedom, it’s all about inclusivity.”