THE cities where residents are the most stressed out because of their jobs have been revealed in a new survey.

According to research commissioned by vision care experts Lenstore, Brighton comes

joint-second in the list of cities in the UK where work stress is highest.

Half the respondents said their jobs caused them the most stress, which put Brighton second in the list after Liverpool, where 75 per cent said they were stressed due to their job.

Half the survey participants in Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham also said they were suffering because of their working life.

Roshni Patel, professional services manager at Lenstore said: “We all have the right to feel our mental and physical health is well looked after in our place of work.

“There can be simple fixes that companies can implement to make their employees feel more supported, from the correct equipment to alleviate any back issues or eye strain, to simply communicating policies more frequently.

“There is no doubt that Covid-19 will change health and safety in the workplace and it’s vital employers take this seriously to make everyone feel safe.”