MAY I add my two pennies worth to the many comments being made to our once beautiful Madeira Drive?

Well, the Green and Labour coalition administration trying to run Brighton and Hove City Council really won’t ever give a toss when any traders or their businesses anywhere in the city go to the wall, let alone those struggling along the Madeira Drive.

It’s also very clear that the administration is so embarrassed by the terrible state they have and are still allowing those once beautiful arches to continue to deteriorate is the sole reason they have had to close the road in the hope that any visitors from near and far will not get any sight of the terrible eyesore the Green and Labour councillors have lumbered this city with.

And as for the revenue from rents and business taxes they won’t be collecting, it, in turn, will need to be covered by an increase in council tax.

So those of you councillors responsible for the demise of this once proud city you should hang your heads in shame, better still resign and then sling your hooks.

Honorary Alderman Geoff Wells Past city councillor for the Woodingdean Ward