I AM dismayed by the stick-in-the-mud attitude of many people writing to The Argus opposing the council’s valiant and valid attempts to reduce the level of air pollution in our city.

Two out of five of our citizens do not possess cars. This is likely to represent the poorest section of our society and the most vulnerable. Should we risk making them and all of us, ill (possibly fatally) just because we are unwilling to do anything that alters our easy lives?

I know of no studies showing that traffic-free areas are bad for business. Shoppers can get used to, and appreciate, change.

If we don’t make changes now, the poorest countries of the world will be subjected to flooding and starvation causing huge surges of refugees trying to escape death. We shall also be living in scorching heat and the natural world, which has proved so important to us during recent months, will disappear. It is time to get a grip on reality.

Sapphire Matson

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