A POPULAR bar will not reopen after the coronavirus crisis due to the impact of the pandemic.

The Fix Bar in the trendy Artist Residence hotel in Brighton will not return after closing in March, the venue wrote on its Facebook page.

“Covid-19 has hit our industry hard and made it too difficult for us to now run this concept in this space,” the wrote the Regency Square lounge, which sits next to The Set Restaurant in the hotel.

“Sad news unfortunately. We won’t be returning.

"The hotel however will continue to offer a drinks offering in the building.

“A huge thank you to everyone who’s joined us over the years and enjoyed a drink here.

"Hope you are all doing well and here’s hoping that one day we might get another opportunity to create a space for your boozy needs.

The Argus: The bar was a popular haunt in Regency SquareThe bar was a popular haunt in Regency Square

“Big thanks to all the bartenders who tirelessly improved the bar with their hard work.”

In a separate Facebook post, The Set Restaurant chef Dan Kenny wrote he would soon reopen but did not have a date set in stone.

“We’re holding tight and seeing what happens over the next few weeks,” he wrote.

“Due to the impact of Covid-19 we’re having to make some changes here at the restaurant.

“When we do return we plan to operate four-to-five nights a week on one extended tasting menu.

“We’ll no longer be running breakfast, lunch or Sunday service.”

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